Out of love and out of tune
and out of money kinda soon
Out of time to study
Out of sync and out of body
I don't feel like I make progress anymore
I don't remember the color of the floor
Felt too safe to see it coming
Felt sorry for everything
Felt your absence in the couch
Out of sight and out of touch
Don't want this routine anymore
Don't want to wake up encore
La nuit sans un espoir les yeux
Rivés dans le miroir
Je donne contre ces formes étranges
Tout ce qu'ils veulent pour que ça change

Stop fight back get that doctor's number and
Start telling friends it will just get better I
Don't want to think I want to make it happen
Have a good time getting high on oestrogen

I know in ten years or so
All the swimming upstream,
Will feel like a distant dream

Eyes on the prize
No time to be a man
Don't mind the size
I'm my biggest fan
Try to convince me
Try all you want
I'll set you free
With my little chant


from SUMMER AESTHETICS 2020, released August 29, 2020




Rrrrrose - Loyalty Freak Music Le Mans, France

Public Domain and Free music, available for free on mp3 format on my website if you don't have money.
Feel free to contact me.

Do what you want with it, I'm not your boss.
One condition : Don't be oppressive.

Have a great day.
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